My name is Vickie Deag, an Intuitive Energy Wellness Coach.

I am a clairvoyant, (seeing), I also hear messages, sense and feel energies in and around the body. Identifying the cause of the imbalance is known as a Medical Intuitive. Balancing the energy is known as an Energy Healer. I perform both of these all encompassing intuitive abilities.

I can evaluate your Chakra System by Sight and give you the awareness to take steps to feel more balanced and relaxed.

The physical body is our message board on what we need to know and/or do. It is also the last message given. When we meditate and do our "homework", we have a more gentler way to receive messages. And, of course, when we don't - our body will let us know what is missing in our life.

As we know, the emotional body can actually reside as a physical symptom. The longer it stays, the more of an opportunity for dis-ease has to set in.

The Chakras are energy vortices nourishing our endocrine system subtly deep to the cellular level. When the Chakras are out of balance, pain may set in as a message for us to take action on.

I began working with the universal energy since the early 1990’s and learning about the metaphysical world. With a strong desire to help others achieve success in their journey.

The goal of the business is to assist and teach those to listen and trust their own intuition in understanding what their needs are for balancing.


What is Stillness? What is Presence?

Exploring Emotions & the Mind!
Tips, Tools & Techniques to Rebalance Your Energy!

Gain Empowerment!
Each class will end with a guided meditation to relax, raise your vibrations, and become more aware.


She's a Great Person!

Vickie made me feel very comfortable immediately!! She really taught me about myself and made me feel good!! Everything she does and says is very interesting.

Cheryl S., CMT Cheyenne, WY

The Real Deal!

Vickie is the real thing! She is extremely well grounded and down-to-earth. Her energy is unmatched.

Christina T., Cheyenne, WY


Vickie's intuitive ability to perceive things regarding one's situation, health and future events is amazingly accurate, and her affirmations, guidance and advice on how to use the power of positive energy to transform situations for spiritual growth and self-awareness have been of continual benefit to me for many years. I highly recommend her services and feel fortunate to have experienced first-hand so many of her incredible rebalancing and energy healing talents. Thank you Vickie!

Noreen A., Middletown, CT



Please contact me with questions or comments. For your convenience, you may send your comments on the optional feedback form to the right.

Sessions are by Appointment (MST) I am currently located in Cedar City, Utah.

Phone: 307-630-8512

I would be glad to travel for groups!

Thank you for visiting my site and would love to hear from you.



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